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Quality Controls

Our Quality.
The one and only reason we have become a reliable name all over the country and even abroad is our strict emphasis upon the quality of our products. We are highly conscious about your health and offer you pesticide free fresh vegetables and fruits. Our products strictly conform to international quality norms and they are carefully tested before being sent to our clients. The products are full of natural minerals, vitamins and proteins and come with the same delicious taste Mother Nature offers them.

Quality Management.
In compliance with India's strict export standards, our own inspectors check all of our fruits and vegetables.

With our in - depth experience of seasonal and regional climatic  variations, we are well qualified to select only top quality export varieties from each area in accordance with international timing requirements.

Working closely with individual farms, our agricultural and market specialists advice on the optimum picking time, quality and packing requirements of our clients countries. This ensures that the right products arrive at the markets in the best condition at the right time. Labeled correctly, so that the consumer can enjoy our quality fruits as fresh as possible.


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